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Rising Stronger: Security Strategies for Women Defenders

By: Amani Ponnaganti, Tripti Poddar, Nazdeek

This timely report documents challenges faced by WHRDs from marginalised communities in Delhi and Assam in their struggles to realize socio-economic rights. This documentation of threats and attacks faced by them give us an understanding of the varied challenges and helps to develop intervention strategies. Recognising that these strategies must be developed with the defenders themselves in their local context, this report also suggests ways to keep WHRDs safe. Since WHRDs face backlash from within their own communities for defying social norms and demanding equality, organizing and collectivising to build support is critical. Furthermore, creating safe spaces helps WHRDs continue their work, along with access to basic legal knowledge and social support.

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Uploaded on: Sep 30, 2020
Year Published: 2020
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