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Social Audit in the Argentine Legislature: Obtaining and Publishing the Affidavits of National Senators

By: Center for the Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth, María Baron

This social audit initiative was undertaken by the Transparency Division of the Center for Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth [Area de Transparencia del Centro de Implementación de Políticas Publicas para la Equidad y el Crecimiento (CIPPEC)].

Its mission was to obtain and publish the Affidavits disclosing assets and financial status submitted by national senators. In the broader framework of advocating increased access to information about legislators, a network of more than one hundred volunteers was formed to systematically compel Senators to release their Affidavits. The campaign lasted for four months and concluded with Senatorial Decree (419/02) signed by Dr. Juan Carlos Maqueda, Acting President of the Senate, who declared that the documents must be made available “to the citizens who have made this demand and to any person who should request them in the future.”