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Supervision and Management – Tips for Paralegal Programs

This excerpt from Timap for Justice’s Practitoner’s Guide offers practical tips for lead paralegals, managers, coordinators and others who may be supervising paralegal work.  Supervisors’ interactions with paralegals should be dialogic (multiple voices, perspectives or discourses engaging and interacting with each other) rather than didactic (one-way instruction). Though supervisors may have more knowledge of law, or more experience with the program, the paralegals often have more knowledge of their clients, their communities, local customary law, etc. The program will be strongest if supervisors listen for and respect the paralegals’ insights.
This document offers globally relevant guidance on applying this dialogic approach in day to day management of paralegal activities such as observing paralegal mediation, reviewing ledgers and case management files, and intervening in community-level disputes.

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