Survey Template for Community-led Research

By: International Accountability Project

This Survey Template was designed to explore the direct experiences and expertise community members have about the process and impacts of development projects, and to identify ideas and priorities for their visions of development. You can adapt and translate this template to fit different contexts, and use the results to inform community advocacy designs and campaigns.

The Survey Template is divided into five main sections:
1. About You
2. How is the Project Affecting You?
3. Your Participation in the Project
4. Your Community’s Response
5. Stay in Touch!

The Survey Template and its questions are designed to help you, as the research team, to collect information about the community’s thoughts, opinions, and ideas in relation to the project at hand.

However, by answering these questions and engaging in discussions that will result from the survey, the community will also learn about their rights to access information and to participate meaningfully in project design and implementation. If they haven’t already done so, community members should begin to think critically and collectively about whether the project has been designed by and for their community, and what their own visions of development are. The following Survey Template should be considered a guide for your research team to adapt and use within your own specific context.

You may find that some survey questions sound strange to community members, because it might be their first time being asked about a specific topic. Reading the questions out loud together in a group is recommended. If you use the Survey Template in another language, you may ask community representatives to read the survey together beforehand to make sure the translation is clear and easy to understand.

In this Survey Template, you will find sample survey questions that you can use and adapt to your own community. You may use the Survey Template together with the Community Action Guide on Community-led Research and the Checklist to Support Community-led Research.

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Year Published: 2019
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