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The Paralegal Practice Manual: A Guide to Paralegal Roles and Techniques

The Paralegal Practice Manual has been developed for use by paralegals and organisations training paralegals all over Rwanda. This is the first manual of its kind specifically focusing on skills related to paralegal work. This manual also intends to be relevant to paralegals in other countries in Africa and can be contextualised to specific countries or continents like Europe, Asia, etc.

The Paralegal Practice Manual is a self-administered manual for any paralegal who can read and write in Kinyarwanda or English. All thoughts and ideas are presented in a simple and concise manner. In order to enhance her/his skills and knowledge, a paralegal should use this manual and the attached materials as
a reference document on a continuous basis. A paralegal should always create time regularly to update her/his knowledge in paralegalism and the law. Such a continuous self-training will ensure that a paralegal is always up-to-date on all information needed to facilitate the effective and efficient delivery of her/his
legal aid services.

This manual contains sample tools and provides examples and case studies based on real life experience and with references to Rwandan legislation. Paralegals are encouraged to use this material in their own innovative way depending on their objectives and the specific circumstances and environment within which they are operating.

This manual has been designed in such a way that each section stands on its own. Depending on the skills the paralegal is focusing on, s/he will extract from or refer to the corresponding sections.

Uploaded on: Aug 22, 2012
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2015

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