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The Scramble for Land Rights: Reducing Inequity between Communities and Companies

Indigenous and community lands, crucial for rural livelihoods, are typically held under informal customary arrangements. This can leave the land vulnerable to outside commercial interests, so communities may seek to formalize their land rights in a government registry and obtain an official land document. But this process is time-consuming and complex, and in contrast, companies can acquire land relatively quickly and find shortcuts around regulatory burdens. This report maps these inequities between communities and companies, and offers recommendations on how to level the playing field.

This resource is from the World Resources Institute.

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Resource Type: Practitioner Resources Issues: Community / Customary Land Rights, Community Paralegals, Environmental Justice, Indigenous Peoples' Rights Tool Type: Reports / Research Target Population: Rural Method: Improving Governance, Accountability and Transparency, Research, Strengthening Customary Justice Systems Languages: English Regions: > Global