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The United Nations – Reflection, Critical Analysis

By: Christian Bwanga Makabika

The presentation of these materials on the United Nations by the National Commission on Refugees is divided into four chapters.

The first to know: General Information on the O. N. U.(UN) it is to investigate empirically and concise its genesis, its mission in the world as well as the system implementation for its operation.

In the second chapter: The visibility of the United Nations; mentioned of the actions undertaken by this universal organization within member countries, and its operations throughout the world.

The third chapter: In the formulation of public policies of united nations; it is here to define the concept public policy, clarify the scope of the implementation process of a public policy  in this case, the responsibility of united nations.

In the end the chapter fourth: The procedures before the international criminal court. We are hitched to the parallelism between different procedures of the courts and international courses.

A conclusion will intervene at the end of the study with a view to better understanding.

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Uploaded on: Jul 20, 2016
Year Published: 2014
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