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Transformative Leadership for Women’s Rights: Understanding How Leadership can Create Sustainable Change that Promotes Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

By: Oxfam

As part of its commitments to promoting gender justice, Oxfam invests in an approach called ‘Transformative Leadership for Women’s Rights’ (TLWR). Transformative leadership for women’s rights is an unfamiliar term for many of our staff and partners. This guide explores what transformative leadership for women’s rights means, and how it links to women’s rights and gender justice. We explore what distinguishes transformative leadership from other forms of leadership, and how change differs from transformation. The guide also explains why transformative leadership is important for Oxfam, and what we are trying to achieve by promoting it. By exploring what transformative leadership for women’s rights means in practice, this guide demonstrates how we can apply it in our programs and our organizations.

This guide will help you to understand how Oxfam defines transformative leadership for women’s rights as an approach and a strategy for social justice.