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Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa: SOCFIN Land Investment in Sierra Leone

This Land Brief by the Oakland Institute focuses on the process and community response to the acquisition of 6,500 hectares of land in 2011 by the Socfin Agricultural Company Sierra Leone Ltd. (Socfin SL). Socfin secured this farmland in Malen chiefdom in Pujehun district in the south of Sierra Leone for the purposes of rubber and oil palm plantations. The Brief details the affected communities’ grievances and legal appeals against Socfin SL.

To put this land deal in context, the brief analyzes Socfin’s land deals globally, identifying a number of malpractices that have deprived communities of their land rights in countries around the globe.

Uploaded on: Aug 21, 2013
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2015

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