Namati's CEO and legal empowerment advocate Rhonda Hamilton were on CNN International's Amanpour to discuss environmental justice. Watch the interview here.

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Update on Marriage Registration for Refugees from Syria: Understanding the Procedures and Identifying the Challenges Faced by Refugees when Registering Marriages in Lebanon

By: Norwegian Refugee Council

Through its Information, Counselling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) programme, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) provides information, counselling and legal assistance to persons displaced from Syria, in particular Syrian refugees and Palestinian refugees from Syria (PRS). ICLA provides its information and counselling services to enable refugees to access essential services and to tackle legal issues in Lebanon, including legal status, birth and marriage registration, and housing, land and property matters.

This update provides an overview of the legal requirements for getting married and for marriage registration, particularly as it affects refugees in Lebanon. The legal requirements for marriage in Lebanon differ according to the couple’s religious sect. This update focuses on the Sunni law procedures because the vast majority of refugees from Syria are Sunni Muslims. The scope of this update is limited to documents required for getting married, proof of marriage and registering a marriage.

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Uploaded on: Jul 03, 2018
Year Published: 2013, 2014
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