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Video as Evidence Field Guide


The Video as Evidence Field Guide helps human rights defenders use videos to expose abuse and bring about justice. The Field Guide provides practical guidance, case studies, checklists and more to help activists and lawyers better collaborate, in turn, strengthening the likelihood that their videos can be used in court, for advocacy, and be trusted by the media.

The Guide’s primary audience is people working in the field who are or will potentially film human rights abuses. These may be citizen journalists, activists, community reporters, and human rights investigators. If you are already filming abuses, the Guide can help enhance the evidentiary value of your videos. And if you are already investigating human rights abuses by traditional means, this Guide can help to strategically incorporate video into your human rights investigation so that it enhances your evidence collection.

Select translations are available in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian (with additional translations coming soon).

Below is a short promotional video from the launch of the Field Guide.