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What is Monitoring

By: Manuel Guzman, Bert Verstappen

This volume is part of the Human Rights Monitoring and Documentation Series produced by HURIDOCS. The Series consist of practical manuals aimed to help build the capacity of human rights organisations with regard to monitoring and documentation. There are two kinds of manuals in the Series: a “what is” manual provides an overview of a certain topic, and a “how to” manual is meant to impart specific skills.

What is Monitoring aims to help human rights workers understand better the whole subject of monitoring. It introduces to the reader many concepts and specialized terminology in this field, and gives an overview of the various bodies involved in human rights monitoring. It serves as a very suitable introductory reading material before moving on to various books and other materials on the subject of monitoring and documentation.

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Uploaded on: Mar 03, 2017
Year Published: 2003
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