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What policies have been implemented in the protection of Sierra Leone’s natural resources?

By: Abubakar Kamara

Abstract: Sierra Leone is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, with mining and agriculture as the primary industries driving such economic growth. However, despite the booming economic conditions, there are various environmental issues that the country is facing that impact and hinder the economic and environmental stability of the country. The country is rich in natural resources, most particularly mineral resources.

The purpose of the study is to critically analyze the various environmental policies and legislative efforts made by the government through the Sierra Leone Environmental Protection Agency. It further investigates the various environmental issues and problems addressed by these existing policies and legislations, as well as evaluate their effectiveness. Five administrators and heads of the Environmental Protection Agency were interviewed. Findings showed that there were various policies and legislative efforts instigated in order to protect and conserve their natural resources, primarily their mineral resources, water resources, land resources and coastal and marine resources.
Analysis also showed that some of these policies and legislations are less effective in meeting their purpose due to various factors such as poor governance, lack of infrastructure, human resources management ineffectiveness, lack of public awareness and many others. Recommendations were provided following the analysis.

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Uploaded on: Jan 21, 2016
Year Published: 2015
Author: Abubakar kamara
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