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Women and Children’s Access to Community Justice (Child Protection) Programme, UNICEF evaluation

By: Catherine Wilson

This resource explains a community justice programme rolled out in Papua New Guinea’s vast village court system, bringing international human rights-based laws to rural communities and boosting the protection and empowerment of women and children.    Village courts wield immense influence within the mainly rural population in Papua New Guinea. Many live in areas too remote to access the formal judicial system in the capital, Port Moresby, and main urban centres.  The pilot programme was conducted in the Eastern Highlands, Simbu, Milne Bay, East Sepik and Western Highlands provinces. Training tailored to community and women leaders, village court officials and youth representatives addressed human rights, the right to non-discrimination, the unacceptability of violence against women, CEDAW and CRC commitments, juvenile justice, the importance of building a protective environment for children and facts about HIV/AIDS.