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Strengthening Women’s Voices in the Context of Agricultural Investments: Lessons from Kenya

By: International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Kenya Land Alliance, Man-Kwun Chan, Annette Mbogoh

Focusing on Kenya, this report’s primary aim is to provide a backdrop on relevant policies and practice, and to inform practitioners, policy makers and researchers about key governance issues relevant to the strengthening of women’s empowerment in community land stewardship and accountability in agricultural investments.

This report constitutes one of four countrywide assessments produced under the International Institute for Environment and Development’s (IIED) ‘Gender, land and accountability in the context of agricultural and other natural resource investments’ initiative. The goal of the initiative is to strengthen rural women’s livelihood opportunities by empowering them in relation to community land stewardship and increasing their ability to hold agricultural investors in East and West Africa to account.