November 1, 2014

Meet Manisha

by Meenakshi Kapoor in

Fighting for the Fisherfolk Manisha Goswami, 32, is a young mother with a 12-year old daughter and a six-year old son. She is always bursting with energy, which extends not just to rearing her children but to the causes she feels most strongly about – the environment. As you will see, she needs her energy…

November 1, 2014

Among the Acronyms and Artisans

by Meenakshi Kapoor in

“Sister, the natural shape of this piece of land, the usual direction in which the wind blows here and the magnitude with which the waves hit the coast, everything together makes up for an ideal boat-mooring spot!” So says Shakir Bhai a resident of Okha Port in the Jamnagar District of the Indian state of…

November 1, 2014

Citizenship and Identity Documents in Kenya: Suleiman’s Story

by Paul McCann in

Suleiman is 38 years old and lives in the Kambi Muru district of Kibera, Nairobi. He faced endless difficulties trying to find out how to apply for a second generation Kenyan national ID card. Without that ID, Suleiman knew he couldn’t be employed, couldn’t access a bank, or even use M-Pesa, the mobile-phone banking service. Suleiman…

July 22, 2014

Freedom and Threats in Changing Myanmar

by Bremen Donovan in

“If you ask me if things have changed, I’ll say ‘yes’. If you ask me if things haven’t changed, I’ll say ‘yes’,” smiles 43 year-old Phoe Sein, a community paralegal working in the dry and dusty central plains region of Bago in Burma. He is a young-looking man, with the exception of his teeth, which…

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