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Acceso a la justicia en Latinoamérica – Resumen Ejecutivo

Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia,

Resumen ejecutivo del informe “Acceso a la justicia en Latinoamérica”, que presenta los resultados de una encuesta que tuvo por objetivo conocer la situación de acceso a la justicia en América Latina en el contexto de pandemia, desde la perspectiva de las organizaciones de la sociedad civil y de diversos actores que interactúan con el…

Acceso a la justicia en Latinoamérica

Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia (ACIJ), María Natalia Echegoyemberry,

La pandemia provocada por el COVID-19 ha profundizado aún más las desigualdades en América Latina, haciendo que los grupos vulnerabilizados se encuentren más afectados con el aumento de la pobreza y el desempleo, y con menor protección social y sanitaria (CEPAL, 2020). En este marco los problemas de acceso a la justicia impactan de manera…

Legal empowerment approaches in the context of COVID-19

Sukti Dhital, Tyler Walton,

Emerging data reveals the COVID-19 pandemic’s disproportionate impact on historically marginalized communities. Drawing on in-depth interviews with legal empowerment practitioners, this article explores case studies of three communities (in Argentina, India, and the United States) that highlight a grassroots approach to tackling injustice during COVID-19. The article finds lasting insights for human rights practitioners and…

Document Final du Sommet virtuel 2020 sur l’autonomisation Juridique en Afrique de l’Ouest

Legal Empowerment Network, Isa Wali Empowerment Initiative, The Carter Centre, Pathfinders, National Coalition for Community Legal Empowerment (NaCCLE), Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), Justice Empowerment Initiatives, Open Government Partnership,

Nous, les participants du Sommet virtuel sur l’autonomisation juridique en Afrique de l’Ouest, nous sommes réunis virtuellement du 5 au 9 Octobre 2020 pour entamer une conversation régionale sur l’autonomisation juridique, afin de discuter des défis communs et de réaliser nos aspirations collectives à faire de l’accès à la justice une réalité pour tous. Le…

Outcome Document of the West Africa Virtual Legal Empowerment Summit 2020

Legal Empowerment Network, Isa Wali Empowerment Initiative, The Carter Centre, Pathfinders, National Coalition for Community Legal Empowerment (NaCCLE), Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), Justice Empowerment Initiatives, Open Government Partnership,

We, the participants of the West Africa Virtual Legal Empowerment Summit, assembled virtually from October 5-9, 2020 to begin a regional conversation on legal empowerment in order to discuss common challenges and realize our collective aspirations to make access to justice a reality for all. The summit took place during the COVID-19 global pandemic, which…

Business Advancing Justice – The Goal 16 Working Group Toolkit

National Legal Aid & Defender Association (NLADA),

In 2019, the National Legal Aid and Defender Association (NLADA) working with its Corporate Advisory Committee (CAC) launched a new initiative tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16 and its call to “ensure equal access to justice for all.” The initiative’s mandate was to identify more opportunities for the U.S. corporate community interested…

Don’t Miss Your Chance: Evidence-Based Messages for Discussing the Community Land Act


This toolkit is designed to help CSOs, government, and other stakeholders to raise awareness about the law and help people understand what they need to do to register their community land. The toolkit will support anyone carrying out awareness campaigns on the law to understand what types of messages are most effective in communicating to…

Implementation of the Community Land Act: A Guide for County Executive Committee Members (CECMs)


This Guide describes the roles and responsibilities that County Executive Committee Members (CECMs) have in supporting the implementation of the CLA. It also includes specific guidance on how CECMs can ensure that CLA implementation efforts are participatory, community-driven, and gender-sensitive, as women are often the primary managers and users of community lands.      …

[Webinar] Kenya’s Huduma Namba: Risks, Responses, and the Fight for Genuine Inclusion

Digital Frontiers Institute, Namati, Nubian Rights Forum,

This webinar draws on experiences in the response to Kenya’s transition to “Huduma Namba” to establish the need to address exclusion in digital transitions, highlight policy recommendations, and inspire greater use of legal empowerment strategies towards inclusive digital identity in practice. Discrimination and other forms of exclusion are major obstacles that leave millions without proof…


Network Movement for Democracy and Human Rights,

Network Movement for Democracy and Human Rights is a National Non-Governmental Organization with mission to promote human rights and governance issues through training, dialogue, advocacy, lobby, and campaigns to change the mindset of communities and increase their participation in governance so that development and peace can take place. Applying lessons learnt is a key component…

Communities need land rights to gain from investments

Posted by Denis Kimathi in Community Land Protection, Community Paralegals, Land & Natural Resources

In this article, Siri Lijfering speaks to Namati’s Daniel Sesay and Legal Empowerment Network member Silas Siakor of Sustainable Development Institute, on how securing land rights can pave the way for responsible investments. The author highlights how legal empowerment enables communities to stand up to exploitative investors and protect their land rights in Sierra Leone…

Using legal empowerment to fight exploitative land investors in Sierra Leone

Posted by Hassan Sesay & Daniel Sesay in Community Paralegals, General, Land & Natural Resources

Legal empowerment helps locals to understand and claim their rights, resulting in a legal victory for communities in Sierra Leone against exploitative corporations. In 2010, Sierra Leone Agriculture (SLA) Ltd., a British-owned company, signed a lease with Bureh, Kasseh and Maconteh (BKM) Chiefdom in the Port Loko District of Sierra Leone for 41,582 hectares of…

It takes legal empowerment to solve the housing crisis

Posted by Denis Kimathi in Legal Empowerment Network, Namati News

In this blog, the authors argue that the global housing problems are a denial of justice and legal empowerment is a solution to this injustice. According to the authors, resolving the housing injustice starts with empowering people and communities to know, use and shape the law. At a time when 1 in 4 people globally…

The Role of Law Firms in Increasing Access to Justice Globally

Posted by Sara Andrews in General

The Role of Law Firms in Increasing Access to Justice Globally By Sara Andrews, Senior International Pro Bono Counsel and Assistant Director, New Perimeter Do private sector lawyers have a role to play in increasing access to justice for people who cannot afford legal representation around the world? Based on recent events, the answer appears to…

Financing Justice – an article by Namati’s CEO in Foreign Policy

Posted by Namati in Advocacy & Systemic Change, General, Namati News, Post-2015 Agenda

The law should be accessible to everyone. The international community agreed to this when they adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but the funding needed to make it a reality has not materialized. With authoritarianism on the rise worldwide, finding a solution to the funding gap is now more critical than ever. Namati’s CEO, Vivek…

Launching the “Resisting Injustice” Blog Series

Posted by Namati in General, Namati News

It’s been hard to watch the news recently. With the growing refugee crisis, rise of populism, increase in vigilante justice, and birth of “alternative facts”, the legal empowerment community is facing huge challenges all around the world. Key allies who have helped support and finance access to justice seem to be turning away. But we…

The Economist: “Poor Law – The Rise of Paralegals”

Posted by The Economist in Community Paralegals, General

GODFREY EBREYU has a captive audience, in every sense. A throng of inmates has gathered in the prison yard in Gulu, northern Uganda, as he explains the intricacies of plea-bargaining. Like 55% of prisoners in Uganda, these men are awaiting trial; some have been here for years. They are still asking questions when, at four…

Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship – Namati and the Legal Empowerment Network named as recipients

Posted by Namati in Community Paralegals, Legal Empowerment Network, Namati News

We are pleased to announce that Namati and the Legal Empowerment Network are among the recipients of the 2016 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. According to the Skoll Foundation, the award is presented to leaders or organizations that are disrupting the status quo, driving large-scale “equilibrium” change, and are poised to create even greater impact…

Leveraging the Law Is the New Way to Help the World’s Poor

Posted by Take Part Media in Community Paralegals, Environment, Land & Natural Resources

The role that community paralegals play in supporting and protecting coastal communities in southern India is explored in this feature by TakePart media. Read the full story here.  

President Koroma Declared ‘Honorary Paralegal’ as he Launches Legal Aid Board

Posted by Daniel Sesay in General

President Koroma of Sierra Leone has strongly committed his government’s support to legal aid and the work of paralegals. He made the announcement during the formal launch of the legal aid board that Namati helped bring into existence in Freetown on Thursday 19th November 2015. Namati and other civil society groups advocated for the passage of the…

Recommendations for addressing bribery in the health sector

Posted by Namati Mozambique in Health

Namati Mozambique has produced an essential guide for patients and specialist on how to avoid bribery in the Mozambican health sector. The guide contains a series of recommendations for both policy and practice focused on the identification, prevention and combat of bribery in the health sector in Mozambique. It is a practical tool that can be used by patients,…

India’s Quest for Power

Posted by Kanchi Kohli in Environment

Namati’s Kanchi Kohli on how India’s ‘balance’ of industrialisation and ecological protection actually looks at the ground level. “The lives of people living in coastal or forest ecosystems are likely to change drastically if one is to go by the number of power plants going up in India today. Each company seeking permission to operate a coal mine…