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Living with Disabilities

All About Power: Understanding Social Power & Power Structures

Srilatha Batliwala, CREA,

When activists try to change people’s lives, or tackle the injustices they face, we are actually trying to change power equations. Understanding power in terms of both power structures and power relations is very important for anyone who is an activist working for social change. It is even more important for anyone working on women’s…

Equal Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities in China

United Nations Development Programme,

This study explores the extent to which persons with disabilities (PWD) in China can effectively navigate the judicial system. Using Article 13 of the United Nations “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” and China’s “Law on the Protection of Persons with Disabilities” and “Legal Aid Regulations” as analytical tools and reference points, the…

Access to Justice for Vulnerable Groups in the Kyrgyz Republic: Findings from Baseline Assessments in Bishek, Chuy Province, Osh City, and Osh Province

Lillian Langford, Elzar Elemanov,

Meaningful human rights guarantees cannot exist in the absence of mechanisms for enforcing them. The ability of individuals to insist that the government and private actors respect their civil rights and liberties is tied to the availability of tools for complaining about violations. Access to the institutions, knowledge, and willingness needed demand one’s rights is…

Ley de los Derechos de las Personas Con Discapacidad – Resumen de Trabajo Desarrollado y Principales Aspectos de la Ley

Asamblea Nacional,

La presente ley tiene por objeto establecer el marco legal y de garantía para la promoción, protección y aseguramiento del pleno goce y en condiciones de igualdad de todos los derechos humanos de las personas con discapacidad, respetando su dignidad inherente y garantizando el desarrollo humano integral de las mismas, con el fin de equiparar…

Convencion Internacional Sobre Los Derechos de Las Personas Con Discapacidad

Federacion Nicaraguense de Asociaciones de Personas con Discapacidad,

Este documento es una presentación sobre la convencion interncional sobre los derechos de las personas con discapacidad y sus principios.

Disability Rights Handbook – A Guide for Paralegals in Zambia: Paralegal Alliance Network (PAN)

Paralegal Alliance Network (PAN),

This handbook has been developed to assist paralegals learn about disability rights and then apply the learning to their work. The handbook will also help trainers of paralegals with information needed to adequately train paralegals. PAN is hopeful that paralegals will find this handbook helpful and that they will make use of it as they…

Challenging disadvantage in Zambia – People with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities in the criminal justice system

Paralegal Alliance Network, Prison Reform Trust, The Ministry of Home Affairs (Zambia),

This project investigated how individuals with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities are dealt with by the criminal justice system in Zambia, and developed recommendations for improving policy and practice. The vast majority of people interviewed for this study said that people with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities face stigma and discrimination in society, generally. It is inevitable that…

Good Practice Report on Access to Justice for People with Disabilities in Bangladesh

Handicap International,

This report is an output of the project titled “Making it work: Access to justice for persons with disabilities in Bangladesh” which was implemented by Handicap International. This report has been compiled to showcase good practices collected by DPOs and to promote practical recommendations, based on local evidence, on how to ensure access to justice and…

Twenty Mechanisms for Addressing Torture in Health Care

Open Society Foundations,

Health care settings should be places where human rights are realized. Yet, too often, they are places where human rights are severely abused, sometimes amounting to torture or cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment. This abuse is especially prevalent in the care of socially marginalized groups— people living with HIV, ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities,…

Study on Gender Based Violence against Women and Girls with Disabilities in Kenya

Colette Ajwang’ Aloo,

Disability is an important development issue, with an increasing body of evidence showing that persons with disabilities experience worse socioeconomic outcomes and poverty than persons without disabilities. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than a billion people are estimated to live with some form of disability, or about 15% of the world’s population…

Talking Health Rights

Posted by Paul McCann in Health

Cacilda Fumo is one of Namati’s health advocates – a compassionate champion of patient rights. At the 1st of May Health Center in Maputo, Mozambique, where HIV and TB patients seek treatment from an over-stretched public health service, she is a regular presence – explaining to people not only how they can stay healthy, but what they can expect…