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Living with HIV/Aids

Por Que É Importante a Carga Viral? (Why Is Viral Load Important?)

Namati , Mozambican Ministry of Health (Ministério da Saúde de Moçambique),

Este folheto informativo explica a importância da carga viral para pacientes vivendo com HIV, incluindo como manter uma carga viral baixa, quando e como o teste de carga viral deve ser feito e o que significam os resultados do teste. ___ This informational brochure explains the significance of viral load for HIV patients, including how…

Direitos das Pessoas Vivendo com HIV

Centro de Colaboração em Saúde (CCS), Fundação para o Desenvolvimento da Comunidade (FDC), Namati Moçambique,

As pessoas vivendo com HIV/SIDA (PVHIV) vêm muitas vezes os seus direitos humanos violados devido ao estigma e discriminação associado a doença e as barreiras ligadas ao sistema de saúde que incluem, por exemplo, atendimento sem cortesia e falta de confidencialidade e privacidade. Estas violações impedem a prevenção, o diagnostico e o tratamento do HIV…

Communities at the Centre: Defending Rights, Breaking Barriers, Reaching People with HIV Services


UNAIDS’ Global Update for 2019 takes stock of the state of HIV epidemic around the world, including the advancements that have been made and the challenges that remain. (Namati’s Right to Health work is highlighted on pages 134-136).

A Practical Guide: Implementing and Scaling Up Programmes to Remove Human Rights Barriers to HIV Services

Frontline AIDS,

This guide has been developed to support implementers to plan, roll out and scale up effective, evidence-informed programs to remove human rights-related barriers to HIV services. (A case study about Namati’s Right to Health program is found on page 71)

Informação Essencial Sobre Cuidados e Tratamento de HIV & Direitos das PVHIV (Essential Information About HIV Care and Treatment & Rights of People Living with HIV)

Namati , Mozambican Ministry of Health (Ministério da Saúde de Moçambique),

Este livrinho fornece aos leitores informações essenciais sobre o HIV; as políticas do Ministério da Saúde de Moçambique em torno do diagnóstico, cuidados e tratamento do HIV; e os direitos e deveres das pessoas vivendo com HIV previstos nas politicas e leis moçambicanas. O objetivo é empoderar os pacientes, membros da comunidade e trabalhadores de…

Brief on the Importance of Legal Aid in HIV Prevention and Treatment

Open Society Foundations,

For criminalized populations such as drug users, sex workers, and men who have sex with men, difficulties with the legal system impose a substantial barrier to HIV prevention and treatment. In multiple countries, HIV prevention programs have documented police harassment at methadone and needle exchange sites, prosecution for possession of sterile injection paraphernalia, and detention or police questioning as…

Access to Justice: Evaluating the Law, Health and Human Rights Programmes in Kenya

Sofia Gruskin, Kelly Safreed-Harmon, Tamar Ezer, Anne Gathumbi, Jonathan Cohen, Patricia Kameri-Mbote,

In Kenya, human rights violations have a marked impact on the health of people living with HIV. Integrating legal literacy and legal services into healthcare appears to be an effective strategy to empower vulnerable groups and address underlying determinants of health. Legal empowerment programmes have the potential to promote accountability, reduce stigma and discrimination and contribute…

Integrating Interventions on Maternal, Mortality, Morbidity, and HIV: A Human Rights-Based Framework and Approach

Susana Fried, Brianna Harrison, Kelly Starcevich, Corinne Whitaker, Tiana O'Konek,

Maternal, mortality, and morbidity (MMM) and HIV represent interlinked challenges arising from common causes, magnifying their respective impacts and producing related consequences. Accordingly, an integrated response will lead to the most effective approach for both. Shared structural drivers include gender inequality; gender-based violence (including sexual violence); economic disempowerment; and stigma and discrimination in access to…

Women’s Property Rights in the Context of HIV/AIDS – Uganda


This resource provides case studies that depict the plight of various women in Uganda struggling with land rights and HIV/AIDS and how UGANET approaches their cases.

Intimate Partner Violence Prevention


This resource provides a variety of mediation case studies related to gender-based violence and domestic abuse for rural families in Uganda based on the work of UGANET.

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