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Monitoring & Evaluation tools

Theory of Change vs Logical Framework: What’s the difference?

Piroska Bisits,

Over the last few decades there has been an ongoing debate in the international development community about the best way to describe how programs lead to results. One approach has been to use a Logical Framework (also called a LogFrame), which most donors now require. Another increasingly popular approach is to create a Theory of…

Changeroo: A Strategic Management Approach to Societal Value Creation

Changeroo ,

Changeroo assists organisations, programs and projects with a social mission to develop and manage high-quality Theories of Change. It allows you to together with stakeholders co-create Theories of Change, and to present these in an interactive and engaging way. Changeroo forms the basis for social organisations for impact management, strategic learning, communication, stakeholder engagement, and monitoring…

Social Audit: A Toolkit A Guide for Performance Improvement and Outcome Measurement

Centre for Good Governance,

The social audit toolkit provides practical guidance and insights to its users working in government departments, community organisations and civil society groups for using social audit as a tool to identify, measure, assess and report on the social performance of their organisations. This toolkit has been designed keeping in view the needs of non-specialists interested…

Guia de Levantamento dos Desafios das Unidades Sanitárias

Namati Moçambique, Moçambique Ministério da Saúde,

A ferramenta de levantamento dos desafios das unidades sanitárias (US) visa sistematizar os principais desafios e reclamações sobre qualidade e humanização dos serviços de saúde através da auscultação das comunidades, dos comités de saúde e de co-gestão e humanização, e dos trabalhadores de saúde, com vista a desenvolver um plano de acção conjunto baseado nas…

Measuring Women’s Economic Empowerment in Private Sector Development: Guidelines for Practitioners

Donor Committee for Enterprise Development, Erin Markel,

Why do economies do better when women do better? In every part of the world, women are paid less for their work and see fewer benefits of their labour. Discrimination and extra household responsibilities reduce their access to decent work, capital and time needed to improve their businesses relative to men. In short, women are…

BRAC-Ain o Salish Kendro Joint Legal Aid Programme: A Comprehensive Review

Dilruba Banu,

In mid 1980s, BRAC initiated its paralegal programme to promote legal awareness among the members of its village organisations (VOs). The programme was re-organised and expanded as Human Rights and Legal Education (HRLE) in the early 1990s. The purpose of HRLE was to raise awareness about the legal rights among BRAC members, increase knowledge of…

Chapter: Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation – Collecting Data throughout the Community Land Protection Process


A chapter from the Guide that provides specific recommendations for collecting and using data in community land protection efforts.

Chapter: Gathering Baseline and Endline Data


A chapter from the Guide that explains the process of conducting a baseline and endline in order to measure impacts from community land protection efforts.

Chapter: Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation


A chapter from the Guide that introduces general good practices of monitoring and evaluation.

Guidance for Evaluating Public Legal Education

David Hayes, Dr. Chris Deeming, University of Bristol Personal Finance Research Centre,

The Public Legal Education Network (Plenet) commissioned a PLE Evaluation Framework to promote robust evaluations of the impact of PLE interventions, so that over time we develop a better understanding of what works and why and to provide a sound basis for forward planning. This Guidance is intended to accompany the PLE Evaluation Framework. The…

Measuring progress on peace and justice: New global data site for SDG16

Posted by The SDG16 Data Alliance in Post-2015 Agenda

Press Release United Nations, July 14, 2016 – A coalition of international organizations today launched an online initiative to chart progress on one of the most challenging of the UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – the commitment to “promote peaceful and inclusive societies” in all parts of the world, with measurable objectives in specific…