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Por Que É Importante a Carga Viral? (Why Is Viral Load Important?)

Namati , Mozambican Ministry of Health (Ministério da Saúde de Moçambique),

Este folheto informativo explica a importância da carga viral para pacientes vivendo com HIV, incluindo como manter uma carga viral baixa, quando e como o teste de carga viral deve ser feito e o que significam os resultados do teste. ___ This informational brochure explains the significance of viral load for HIV patients, including how…

Directory of Organisational Profiles – Non-State Legal Aid Service Providers in Uganda

Legal Aid Service Providers' Network (LASPNET),

This resource features organizations in Uganda that are currently known to provide legal advice and assistance in both criminal and civil cases by advocates, non-lawyers (i.e. bar training course students under the supervision of an advocate, and law graduates awaiting enrollment), law clinic students, paralegals, as well as community volunteers.

Report on International Conference on Equitable Access to Justice: Legal Aid and Legal Empowerment

Department of Justice, Government of India, UNDP,

The Department of Justice (DoJ), Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India (GoI) is implementing a Project on “Access to Justice for Marginalized People” (A2J) with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The A2J Project aims to strengthen access to justice for the marginalized, particularly, women and those from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled…

Paralegal Job Description

Women's Legal Centre,

This resource by WLC describes the requirements and expectations of a community-based paralegal.

Will making and succession

The Republic of Uganda Ministry of Health,

This brochure touches on different aspects of will making, planning etc. more specifically: What is a will? Who has capacity to write a will? Benefits in writing a will? Where to store your will

The Palliative Care Patient’s Rights

Open Society Foundations, The Republic of Uganda Ministry of Health,

This poster/flyer highlights 9 rights that palliative care patients have. It points out that these rights are ensured in Chapter 4 of the constitution of Uganda.

Supporting a Person Facing Legal Issues and Human Rights Violations

Open Society Foundations, The Republic of Uganda Ministry of Health,

This flyer/poster is geared towards medical practitioners. It advises them to ask their patients about their legal needs, it calls on them to educate themselves on how to write a will, etc.

10 Reasons Why Legal Services Must be Central to a Rights-Based Response to HIV

International Development Law Organization (IDLO),

10 reasons why legal services must be central to a rights-based response to HIV Because informing people of their rights, while failing to provide ways to realize them, can be counterproductive and increase the burden on affected communities. Because law reform is a long-term goal, while legal services can improve peoples’ lives right now. Because…

10 Razones por las cuales los servicios legales deben ser pare central de la respuesa con enfoque de derechos al VIH

Organizacion Internacional de Derecho al Desarollo,

Porque brindar información a las personas sobre sus derechos, sin proporcionar los medios para hacerlos valer, puede ser contraproducente y agravar la situación en las comunidades afectadas. Es necesario también ofrecer medios concretos, prácticos y al alcance de todos/as para combatir los abusos de los derechos humanos que sufren las personas que viven con y…

Constitution of the World Health Organization

World Health Organization (WHO),

This resource is the Constitution of the World Health Organization.  

An open letter to President Bio: Keep plunderers out of our endangered forests for good.

Posted by Sonkita Conteh in Advocacy & Systemic Change, Environment, Land & Natural Resources

In a must-read open letter, Sonkita Conteh, Director of Namati Sierra Leone, calls on the president of Sierra Leone to keep his word to protect the endangered forests of the country. He calls resuming timber exports “short-sighted and dangerous” and a “desecration of pre-election commitments” and notes that “no amount of money will equal the value of…

Sierra Leone Land Policy: An Open Letter to President Koroma

Posted by Sonkita Conteh in Advocacy & Systemic Change, Land & Natural Resources

Dear Mr. President, Last Thursday I was at State House to witness the low-key start of a potentially profound revolution in the land sector. For decades, our people and the environment have borne the scourge of a broken land tenure system. Many attempting to buy land to build a future for their families have lost…