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The Hague Declaration

Justice Task Force,

On February 7, 2019, Ministers and high-level representatives from countries and international organisations convened in The Hague to come to a shared understanding of the opportunities to strengthen support and commitments for access to justice ahead of the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) and the SDG Summit in 2019. Participants explored strategies for the achievement…

Declaração da Villa Inflamable pelo Acesso à Justiça para todas/os e pelo Empoderamento Jurídico

Latin America Legal Empowerment Network,

No marco do encontro latinoamericano de experiências em empoderamento jurídico, que se realizou em Buenos Aires, Argentina (de 19 a 24 de junho), as 24 organizações participantes decidimos criar a Rede Latinoamericana de Empoderamento Jurídico. Durante o encontro, discutiu-se e assinou-se a “Declaração da Villa Inflamable pelo Acesso à Justiça para todas/os e pelo Empoderamento…

Declaration of Villa Inflamable for Access to Justice & Legal Empowerment for All

Latin America Legal Empowerment Network,

The Latin American Learning Exchange on Legal Empowerment, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina (June 19 to 14), included 24 organizations who decided to create a regional Latin American Legal Empowerment Network. During the meeting, the “Declaration of Villa Inflamable for Access to Justice & Legal Empowerment for All” was discussed and signed. The…

Declaración de Villa Inflamable por el Acceso a la Justicia para todas/os y el Empoderamiento Jurídico

Latin America Legal Empowerment Network,

En el marco del encuentro latinoamericano de experiencias en empoderamiento jurídico, que se realizó en Buenos Aires, Argentina (del 19 al 14 de junio), las 24 organizaciones participantes decidimos crear la Red Latinoamericana de Empoderamiento Jurídico. Durante el encuentro se discutió y firmó la “Declaración de Villa Inflamable por el Acceso a la Justicia para…

Addressing the Information Requirements of the Urban Poor – A Government-Community Partnership in Piloting the Social Tenure Domain Model in Uganda

Danilo Antonio, Jack Makau, Samuel Mabala,

In the recently published State of the World’s Cities (2010/2011) by UN-Habitat, it was highlighted that urban slum population is expected to increase to 1.4 billion by 2020. Such realization has triggered a continuing debate in the global development discourse on a new phenomenon – the urbanisation of poverty. The benefits of land administration systems…

Communities’ Ability in Consultations and Land Transactions: Improving the “Empowering Effect” of Tenure Security Initiatives in Rural Mozambique

Giorgia Mei, Mariagrazia Alabrese,

The 1997 Land Law in Mozambique recognizes the “Right to Use and Benefit from Land” (DUAT) in the following situations: collective or individual “customary occupation”; individual “good faith occupation”; temporary (renewable) authorization for commercial exploitation of the land to national and foreign individuals or corporate entities. Mozambique’s Land Law establishes also that in cases of…

The Global Call to Action on Indigenous and Community Land Rights

Land Rights Now Campaign,

This resource is for the website of an international and cross-national advocacy campaign to double the global area of land legally recognized as owned or controlled by Indigenous Peoples and local communities by 2020.

Women’s rights and development policy in 2016’s transitioning Africa

Olivia K Lwabukuna,

This is a blog discussion piece that has been written to highlight the place of African women’s rights in development policy space in 2016, specifically targeting the just concluded African Union Summit in July. 2016 is a transitional year for African economies as they look to overcome tough times and as some emerge from terrible…

Concluding Remarks on Social Accountability in a Changing Region

United Nations,

Participants of Arab Governance Week have argued that the lack of legal and institutional framework that allows for citizen participation in governance decision making and demanding accountability, coupled with lack of responsiveness of government institutions to the demands and the needs of the citizens, resulted in the failure of the Arab development model. The new…

Ending Violence against Women and Girls: The world’s best laws and policies

World Future Council,

The World Future Council strives to bring the interests of future generations to the centre of policy-making. With their annual Future Policy Award, they highlight the world’s best solutions and encourage policy-makers around the world to implement them. In 2014, the Future Policy Award celebrated laws and policies that contribute to ending one of the…

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