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We’re experts too! Checklist to support community led research

International Accountability Project,

When you hear the word “research”, what do you think of? Do you feel like research is something done far away by others? Is it something out of reach, only conducted by professors in universities? Research doesn’t have to be any of those things. We believe that research should be a collective effort, a process…

Survey Template for Community-led Research

International Accountability Project,

This Survey Template was designed to explore the direct experiences and expertise community members have about the process and impacts of development projects, and to identify ideas and priorities for their visions of development. You can adapt and translate this template to fit different contexts, and use the results to inform community advocacy designs and…

Community Action Guide on Community-Led Research

International Accountability Project,

Too often, we feel that the power to make decisions about the future of our communities has been taken away. But we do not have to feel powerless. There are steps we can take to reclaim control and identify our own priorities for development in our communities. Community-led ideas and expertise can lead the way…

Design for Legal Empowerment

Tandemic, Open Society Foundations,

This guide shows how to use Design Thinking to address tough challenges and transform organizations working towards legal empowerment.

Community Land Protection Facilitators Guide (French)

Rachael Knight, Marena Brinkhurst, Jaron Vogelsang, and Namati's Community Land Protection partner organizations,

This resource, Guide des Facilitateurs de la Protection des Terres Communautaires, is the French version of the Community Land Protection Facilitator’s Guide. The English version can be found here. Namati’s Community Land Protection Facilitators Guide is a step-by-step, practical “how to” manual for grassroots advocates working to help communities protect their customary claims and rights to…

Strengthening Civil Registration and Vital Statistics for Births, Deaths and Causes of Death

World Health Organization (WHO),

This Resource Kit is designed to support countries in planning and implementing improvements to their civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems.

Birth Registration in Emergencies: A Review of Best Practices in Humanitarian Action

Plan International ,

Registering a birth is the first legal acknowledgement of a child’s existence; without proof of identity a child is invisible to the authorities. In many countries a birth certificate is a key document to gain access to basic services and to exercise fundamental human rights. In emergency situations, a child´s vulnerability to abuse is very…

Update on Marriage Registration for Refugees from Syria: Understanding the Procedures and Identifying the Challenges Faced by Refugees when Registering Marriages in Lebanon

Norwegian Refugee Council ,

This update provides an overview of the legal requirements for getting married and for marriage registration, particularly as it affects refugees in Lebanon.

Manual para promotoras y promotores juveniles en derechos humanos

Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Francisco de Vitoria O.P. A.C.,

Este Manual para Promotoras y Promotores Juveniles en Derechos Humanos es una herramienta para reducir la problemática de la falta de información y fomentar entre las y los jóvenes el empoderamiento de sus derechos humanos, generando así una cultura de paz y de respeto a toda persona, además de promover nuevas formas de organización. Esta…

Manual de formación en justicia comunitaria

Gláucia Falsarella Foley, EUROsociAL,

Este material ha sido elaborado con el objetivo de colaborar en la capacitación en materia de justicia comunitaria, a partir del análisis detallado de cada uno de sus ejes de actuación: la mediación comunitaria, la educación para los derechos y la animación de las redes sociales. Después de una breve contextualización de Justicia Comunitaria en…

How to Build Evidence for Justice – Groundtruthing Environmental Compliance

Posted by Kanchi Kohli in Community Paralegals, Environment, Opportunities

People around the world live in areas that are being altered for industrial, infrastructure or mining projects. Their lives and occupations are being negatively impacted by problems of access, encroachment or pollution. Though governments in many countries have regulatory procedures for implementing environmental and social safeguards to minimize or mitigate such problems, compliance of these…

Namati’s Paralegal Approach to Environmental Justice Hailed by UN Expert

Posted by Paul McCann in Environment

The United Nation’s Human Rights Council last year requested the Independent Expert on Human Rights and the Environment, Mr. John Knox, to identify the best global practices using human rights obligations to inform, support and strengthen environmental policy making, especially in the area of environmental protection. It also requested he prepare a compendium of best practices. The Independent Expert…