1.3 Discussion Board: Introduce yourself and share about an injustice in your community

Please introduce yourself discussion space below. In addition to telling us your name and where you are from, please share an experience of how you see the law as out of reach or not working fairly for people in your area. After you post your introduction, please take a moment to read the other comments and say hello to someone. We will all learn more when we deliberately connect with each other.

We look forward to seeing you in the next section.


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My name is Sylvester, from Ghana. I am a trained Paralegal and an Advocate with 9 years’ experience in human rights practice and protection with regional focus in Africa, capacity building, prisoners’ rights, advocacy, public education, team building, rule of law, collaboration/networking expertise, and legal reforms within Ghana’s criminal justice sector. Regarding my experience on how I see the law not fairly working for people in my area stems from my engagement with pre-trial detainees. Normally, these people spend long periods in pre-trail detention without their cases being heard within a reasonable period of time or alternatively being released on bail subject to conditions that will ensure they re-appear to stand trail as stipulated by law. Mostly, these are persons who do not have the financial means to engage the services of a lawyer.

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