4.2 How to combine law and organizing: steps we can take

This course started off defining legal empowerment as combining the power of law and the power of people. In the case studies we saw examples of communities tackling injustice by using legal empowerment. You may be still wondering, how does this actually work? How does a community go from recognizing an injustice to creating change?

In this section, Vivek Maru, founding Executive Director of Namati, will share steps about how communities build and harness their power to create change. He will use the case studies of Land Rights in Kenya and Participatory Defense in the United States to illustrate the steps.

Once you have watched the video, it’s time to learn a little more about organizing. We recommend reading the introductory chapter of Organizing: People, Power, and Change by Marshall Ganz (full version here).

After you’ve completed the reading, take the short quiz below to check your understanding.

Video Transcript