5.1 Discussion Board: Challenge to apply legal empowerment to the injustice in your community

You have learned a great deal about legal empowerment in this course and the ways of approaching an injustice by combining the power of law with the power of people. This is an opportunity to put all your learning together into one response. Try to answer the following questions in a few paragraphs or a video:

  • What is the injustice you are trying to address?
  • Why do you think that legal empowerment would be a good approach to address that injustice?
  • Who would it be important to bring together to address this challenge?
  • What types of laws and power do you think you would need to understand to address this challenge?
  • What type of goal would you like to imagine to address this injustice?
  • What other experiences, from the legal empowerment network or the case studies, would you apply to the injustice you want to address?
  • What are the first two steps you want to take to move from thinking about this injustice towards action?

Put your answers in one comment below. If you want instead to record yourself in a short video, please do so and email it to us at learning@namati.org. We’ll post videos directly here so you can see each other’s work. Please do take a few minutes to read and respond to each other’s plans for next steps.

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