Putting Law Into
People's Hands

More than four billion people around the world live
outside the protection of the law. They are driven from
their land, denied basic services, excluded from society
and intimidated by violence. Join us in turning the tide.

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We are building a global movement of grassroots legal advocates who work with communities to advance justice.

How We Do It

Grassroots Innovation

Our community paralegals generate results on some of the greatest justice issues of our times.

Policy Change

We use the data we collect on every case to advocate for better laws and institutons.

Global Network

We foster learning and collaboration among a network of organizations from around the world.

Global Impact

53,000 People Empowered  •  117 Communities Protected  •  86 Government Policies Revised

53,000 People Empowered 117 Communities Protected 86 Government Policies Revised

More about our impact

Program Themes

Namati seeks to develop the emerging field of legal empowerment in the following areas

  • Basic Justice Services
  • Basic Justice Services

    In its classic form, legal aid has serious limitations. In many places lawyers are costly and scarce. Namati's community paralegal approach is about helping people who face injustice with a more flexible and creative approach. It takes a country’s social and legal context into account and is concerned not just with delivering legal services, but also with empowering people by putting the law into their hands.

    “Charity is no substitute for justice withheld.” - St Augustine of Hippo

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  • Land
  • Land

    For billions of rural people, land is their greatest asset. Yet more than ever, rural land is in demand. Governments have been granting vast land concessions for agri-business, forestry and mining. These investments often dispossess communities, and lead to environmental damage, human rights violations, and injustice. Namati’s Community Land Protection Program supports communities to protect their customary and indigenous land and natural resources claims - where it has been the custom for the whole village to share the land for generations.

    “What greater grief than the loss of one's native land.” - Euripides

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  • Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Justice

    Across the globe, protection of the environment is an area where the gap between law and practice is especially wide. Ordinary people rarely have a say in where industrial developments are sited or in the management of ecological impacts. In India projects are increasingly being located on the coasts where land and water is available. Namati works with Indian fishing and coastal communities to empower them to address violations of environmental law.

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  • Health
  • Health

    All over the globe people are forced to do without basic, but essential, services – services that are crucial to poverty eradication and development. There is increasing recognition that basic services can be improved when they are accountable to the communities who rely on them. In Sierra Leone and Mozambique, Namati is testing a model for improving quality of and access to basic health services using a combination of methods including greater literacy around healthcare policies and improved clinic-community dialogue.

    “The greatest threat to freedom is the absence of criticism.” - Wole Soyinka

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  • Citizenship
  • Citizenship

    Statelessness affects up to 12 million people around the globe. They are not recognized as citizens by any country, even where they have lived for generations. Even more people suffer from ineffective citizenship – despite having some documentation, they face constant discrimination. Namati and its partners train community paralegals from stateless populations in Bangladesh and Kenya. The paralegals help people navigate bureaucracy and we use our learning to advocate for high-level change.

    “We became aware of the existence of a right to belong to some kind of organized community only when millions of people emerged who had lost that right.” - Hannah Arendt

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  • Gender
  • Gender

    Women and girls suffer disproportionately from a lack of legal protection. Whether the issue be early marriage, property rights and inheritance, or gender-based violence, Namati's approach treats women not as victims requiring a service, but instead ensures that not only are women able to solve their immediate problems but they are empowered to to tackle such problems in the future.

    “Gender equality is critical to the development and peace of every nation." - Kofi Annan

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