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We advance social and environmental justice by building a movement of people who know, use, and shape the law.



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More than half the world’s population lack meaningful access to justice. They are driven from their land, denied basic services, and intimidated by violence.

For over 10 years, Namati, the Grassroots Justice Network and our partners have supported frontline community members, like those featured in this video, to achieve concrete remedies and systemic change, directly improving the lives and wellbeing of over 1.5 million people. You can read about some of our major achievements in this report, and hear directly from a few of the inspiring people leading the movement for grassroots justice.


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The Grassroots Justice Network, convened by Namati, brings justice defenders together to connect, learn and act. We make grassroots justice a reality by putting the power of law in the hands of people.

Our Journey Towards Justice in 2023

Discover the stories of communities who achieved concrete solutions to tough problems.

The Injustices We Address

Members of the Grassroots Justice Network are tackling a wide range of justice challenges around the world. Namati works in close partnership with some of these members to take on three urgent issues in six countries.


Many countries today have progressive healthcare policies. The failure is often at the point of delivery: patients are treated abusively, drugs are missing, or there is no privacy during medical visits. The health and lives of millions of people are at risk.

Where we work: Mozambique

Land & Environmental Justice

Mining, agribusiness, industrial development, and other private and public projects are damaging the environment and endangering the livelihoods of local communities across the globe.

Where we work: India, Kenya, Myanmar, Sierra Leone, USA


Over 1 billion people worldwide lack legal identity documentation. Without an ID, they cannot apply for a job, receive a bank loan, or access healthcare. They are excluded from society and trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Where we work: Kenya

Growing the global movement for grassroots land and environmental justice

News, Blogs & Stories

Sierra Leone enacts unprecedented laws related to land, climate, and sustainable development

Sierra Leone’s President Bio has signed into law two groundbreaking bills that transform communities’ ability to protect their land rights and pursue sustainable development. The new legislation serves as a model for the rest of the world.

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Walking Towards Justice: 2023 in review

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Defending justice in Ukraine

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The Impact of Toilets in Health Facilities: A Patient's Story

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Advocacy & Systemic Change

We did it! The COVID-19 Grassroots Justice Fund has distributed $1 million to 60 grantees

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Advocacy & Systemic Change

Documentary: Lifting a Curse

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Video: Namati Kenya Honored with the 2021 Global Pluralism Award

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