Putting Law Into
People's Hands

More than four billion people around the world live outside the protection of the law. They are driven from their land, denied basic services, and intimidated by violence.

We advance justice by helping people to understand, use, and shape the laws that affect them. Join us in turning the tide.

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What We Do

People cannot improve their lives without the power to exercise their rights.

We want a world in which laws and policies reside not only in books and courtrooms but are within the grasp of every person.

Namati is building a global movement of grassroots legal advocates who help put the power of law in the hands of people. Together we are taking on the world’s most urgent justice challenges.

How We Do It

Grassroots Innovation

Our grassroots legal advocates generate results on some
of the greatest justice issues
of our times.
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We use the data we collect
on every case to advocate
for better laws and
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The Global

We foster learning and collaboration among a network
of organizations from around
the world.

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The Injustices We Address

Global Network members tackle a wide range of justice challenges.
We work in close partnership with some of these groups to focus on four issues.

Learn how we put the power of law in the
hands of people in this short video

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