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Criminal Justice

Make the Road: Developing a Membership Model that Builds the Power of Immigrant and Working Class Communities

+Acumen, Open Society Justice Initiative,

Make the Road is the largest nonunion immigrant membership organization in New York, in the United States. This case study explores Make the Road’s experiments with innovative financing. To support this work, the team at Make the Road has developed a robust and diversified funding model. In 2019, the vast majority of the organization’s overall…

Centre for Community Justice and Development: Using Innovative Financing to Sustain Legal Empowerment Work in South Africa

+Acumen, Open Society Justice Initiative,

This case study follows the story of Winnie Martens, founding director of the Centre for Community Justice (CCJD) in South Africa, as she shaped the organization into a nonprofit social enterprise focused on the intertwined mission of “justice” and “development” for local communities surrounding The University of KwaZulu-Natal. Today, the organization supports a network of…

Justice Policy Series, Part 1: Access to Justice

Open Government Partnership, Joseph Foti, Jessica Hickle, Maha Jweied,

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) provides an opportunity for government and civil society reformers to make government more transparent, participatory, and accountable. Working together, government and civil society co-create two-year action plans with concrete commitments across a broad range of issues that are then monitored by OGP’s Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM). Until recently, access to…

Access to What?

Rebecca Sandefur,

The access-to-justice crisis is bigger than law and lawyers. It is a crisis of exclusion and inequality. Today, access to justice is restricted: only some people, and only some kinds of justice problems, receive lawful resolution. Access is also systematically unequal: some groups–wealthy people and white people, for example–get more access than other groups, like…

Africa Prisons Project Impact Report 2017

African Prisons Project,

This resource is a 2017 impact report from the Africa Prisons Project, which begins with the following introductory note from the founder and Director General: Over the past decade, I’ve visited prisons all around Africa, where the majority of prisoners are still awaiting trial. In terrible conditions, their circumstances appear overwhelming and their future seems…

La nueva justicia penal en México: Avances palpables y retos persistentes

World Justice Project ,

It has been 10 years since, in 2008, Mexico approved a constitutional reform with the aim of drastically transforming the criminal justice system. The adversarial accusatory system promised increased transparency, accountability, and stronger protections for victims and those accused of crimes. The eight-year term established in the Constitution for the 32 states to transition to…

Aportes para un diálogo sobre el acceso a la justicia y reforma civil en América Latina

Centro de Estudios de Justicia de las Américas (CEJA), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zussamenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH,

El Proyecto “Apoyo a los Procesos Regionales de Diálogo para Fomentar Reformas en el Derecho y Reformas Judiciales en América Latina” –ejecutado por la Agencia de Cooperación Alemana GIZ por encargo del Ministerio Alemán de Cooperación BMZ a través del Centro de Estudios de la Justicia de las Américas (CEJA)– quiere reforzar el intercambio de…

Why Simplifying the Law is Important in India

Sumeysh Srivastava,

An article that addresses the concepts of access to justice in India, with a specific focus on issues of access, language and digitization.

Manual de mediación penal

Manuel María Estrella Ruiz,

La aproximación a la materia del módulo se ha realizado tratando de establecer una sistemática que contempla el examen previo de cuestiones comunes a la mediación, para a continuación examinar las técnicas y fases de la mediación, sin perder de vista que, el módulo, además de guía del contenido de los cursos, debe cumplir un…

Guide for Prison Officers: Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative ,

Asylum Seekers and refugees often get detained for lack of proper knowledge and the ambiguity of existing law with regard to their protection in India. This guidebook provides pertinent information for prison officers on laws and provisions governing their stay, detention and determination of status in India.

‘I just need my freedom’

Posted by AdvocAid & IRIN in Community Paralegals, Gender

This moving documentary by IRIN follows the work of Marvel and Victoria, two paralegals working for Namati’s partner AdvocAid in Sierra Leone. It illustrates the harsh reality of life for many women in Sierra Leone who come into contact with the police and the prison system. Marvel and Victoria bring hope to those suffering arbitrary…

Transforming ‘a culture of revenge’ in post-revolution Libya

Posted by Bremen Donovan in General

Today, we launch the first in a ten-part interview series exploring the practice of legal empowerment in the Middle East. Our series begins with Abdul Elgadi, who discusses grassroots efforts to turn Al Zawiri prisons over to the Libyan state.