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Video as Evidence Field Guide


The Video as Evidence Field Guide helps human rights defenders use videos to expose abuse and bring about justice. The Field Guide provides practical guidance, case studies, checklists and more to help activists and lawyers better collaborate, in turn, strengthening the likelihood that their videos can be used in court, for advocacy, and be trusted…

Proposal writing short course online

The Foundation Center,

The subject of this short online course is proposal writing. But the proposal does not stand alone. It must be part of a process of planning and of research on, outreach to, and cultivation of potential foundation and corporate donors. This process is grounded in the conviction that a partnership should develop between the nonprofit…

Expert Consultation: How Can Training of Health Care Providers Be Effectively Used to Promote Human Rights in Patient Care?

Open Society Foundations (Public Health Program),

The Law and Health Initiative of the Open Society Public Health Program organized an expert consultation in Budapest, Hungary to discuss how training health providers can help promote human rights in patient care. Participants included program officers and law and health coordinators from the Open Society foundations in Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, East Africa, and southern…

Health Rights: Human Rights in Patient Care

The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER),

This site was created to address the legal, ethical, and human rights norms which are increasingly important to the delivery of quality patient care. In our experience, health systems can too often be places of punishment, coercion, breaches of confidentiality, and violations of the right to consent, rather than places of treatment and care. At…

Fighting an Epidemic in Russia from 3,000 Miles Away

Tatyana Margolin,

Russia is home to the world’s fastest-growing HIV epidemic. Driven by injection drug use, it is now becoming generalized. If you use injection drugs in Russia, you likely have HIV, hepatitis C, and more often than not, tuberculosis. Although the Russian constitution grants the right to free access to health services in government facilities, it…

Community-Based Paralegals: A Practitioner’s Guide (Russian)

Open Society Justice Initiative,

Community-Based Paralegals: A Practitioner’s Guide should be useful for anyone who wants to start a new paralegal program, improve an existing one, or learn more about paralegals and the legal empowerment of the poor. This version of the Guide is in Russian and other language versions are available on the original English language version here….

Community-Based Paralegals: A Practitioner’s Guide

Open Society Justice Initiative,

Paralegals can be a powerful tool of justice, helping to resolve disputes and empower individual clients and whole communities. Living and working in the communities they serve, community-based paralegals combine their knowledge of the formal justice system with mediation and community education to help the poor and marginalized address their justice problems. Less expensive than…

Regulation on Paralegals- Republic of Moldova (Russian)

National Legal Aid Council of Moldova,

The Regulation on paralegals was adopted by the National Legal Aid Council on 2011/06/15 and was published on 2012/01/13. The regulation defines a paralegal as a person highly respected by the local community, with incomplete legal studies or complete higher education / tertiary education, who is not practicing as a lawyer and who, after a…

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