Action on Myanmar’s Land Use Policy

The Myanmar government recently released a draft National Land Use Policy for public consultation and comment. This policy is envisioned to be a framework to guide the development of a National Land Use Law during 2015 and the harmonization of the many existing land-related laws in Myanmar.

The draft National Land Use Policy can be found online in both English and Myanmar languages on the website of the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry here:

In a landmark process during Myanmar’s current political transition, the government held public consultations around the country and welcomes comments from the public on the policy. The Government of Myanmar provided an e-mail address where any individual or organization may submit comments on the draft policy ( According to government instructions, any individual or organization providing comments on the draft policy via e-mail must identify who they are for comments to be considered.

Participation in the consultation process is essential. Write to the Myanmar government to demand justice for victims of past land grabs and for equality between land use rights of men and women.

Below is some sample text: feel free to adapt the message to highlight your own perspective on the draft policy.

Dear Members of the Land Use Allocation and Scrutinizing Committee,

In order for the National Land Use Policy and the upcoming National Land Use Law to provide protection and justice to millions of Myanmar farmers, it must:

1) Allow farmland to be registered in more than one name.

Allowing two or more names to appear on a Land Use Certificate will ensure women’s access to land is protected, and ultimately promote inclusive and sustainable development for the entire country.

2) Address past land injustices.

Thousands of farmers across the country have lost their land through illegal land grabs, some dating back three or four decades. The policy must address these challenges and set out an efficient process for the investigation and return of confiscated land.

These provisions are critical to protect the livelihoods and rights of small-hold farmers and to promote inclusive and sustainable development for the entire country.

Thank you for providing an opportunity to comment on Myanmar’s draft National Land Use Policy.


(name/organization name and details)

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Read Namati’s comments on the draft National Land Use Policy here:

English language version

Burmese language version