The Legal Empowerment Network stands for justice, equality, and inclusion. Membership is free and voluntary; it does not constitute a funding relationship or employment arrangement with Namati or the Network.
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The Legal Empowerment Network is unlike any other network. For me personally, and for my colleagues at the Legal Aid Society, it’s been a source of inspiration and it’s constantly educated us. I can’t think of another platform that brings together so many regional movements and organizations. …You feel like you are part of a bigger global movement. You’re part of a global tribe.

Haya Zahid

Legal Aid Society, Pakistan

The reality of our work is that pushing for our rights and communities’ rights can be extremely draining. If we do not have lessons to learn from, it is very easy to throw in the towel. The Legal Empowerment Network has really been helpful to act as a motivator…to see that people are facing the same challenges in different parts of the globe. It gives you that nudge to keep going.

Rose Birgen

Natural Justice, Kenya

I’ve been a part of so many movements where I’ve had to be quiet. Where you have to work your way up to a certain level to be heard….But inside of the Legal Empowerment Network, everyone mattered. It almost seemed like the least of us were the ones who mattered the most. It’s been the safest place for me to ask questions but also to share and gain knowledge. It’s like a one-stop shop.

Jhody Polk

Legal Empowerment Advocacy Hub, USA

The Learning Exchange Program is such a powerful program… I was able to identify a unique perspective of legal empowerment approaches to bring back to my office and add value to my work.

Nondo Nobel Bwami

Asylum Access, Tanzania

[The learning exchange] was absolutely amazing. It helped me develop new ways of thinking of my work and challenges. It has connected me to many new people and networks who can benefit my work. I learned a lot about best practices and got new ideas from fellow participants.

Liesl Muller

Lawyers for Human Rights, South Africa

We are working together to put the power of law into people’s hands.

What is the Legal Empowerment Network?

We are the largest community of grassroots justice defenders in the world. Our network brings together 3400 organizations and 13210 individuals from over 170 countries, all working to advance justice for all.

What does the Network do?

We meet online and in-person. We learn from each other and share resources. We campaign on issues that affect us globally, regionally, and nationally. Together, we are building a global movement for legal empowerment: one capable of mobilizing millions and collectively tackling the greatest justice challenges of our time.

Who can join the Network?

If you help others to know, use, or shape the law, you are one of us. We are community paralegals and lawyers, human rights activists and grassroots organizers, advocates, educators, researchers, journalists, public servants, students, and concerned citizens. We are united by a common dream: a just and fair world, where people can freely exercise their rights and have a say in the decisions that affect them.

Benefits of Membership



By connecting with others and working together, we can grow our impact.


Discussion Forum

A mobile and email friendly platform lets us connect on issues that affect our work. Discuss problems, share solutions, seek opportunities.

Member Directory

A searchable directly enables you to find and follow network members and organizations. Seek out people specializing in your field, in your region or your country.


We are more effective and creative when we learn from the experiences of others.

Learning Opportunities

Webinars, learning exchanges, an annual legal empowerment leadership course, and more. Gain practical knowledge to improve your grassroots justice efforts.

Resource Library

An online library of 1,500+ free training materials, monitoring and evaluation tools, case management forms, academic research, and more.



Our last network campaign led to the inclusion of “access to justice for all” in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Now we’re building on this win.


#JusticeForAll Campaign

Network members across the globe are coming together to demand financing and protection for those working at the grassroots to advance justice. The campaign can be adapted to address the needs in your country.