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Innovation Lab

Legal Empowerment and Community Lawyering in Latin America

4 projects selected
5.000 USD & technical support for each selected project
8 months to implement the project


The Innovation Lab is a call for proposals organized by the Legal Empowerment Network -with the support of the Tinker Foundation-, that aims to support and strengthen Latin American organizations working alongside communities and marginalized groups in the region to help them know, use and shape the law.

The Lab is oriented towards accompanying the work conducted by not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises, cooperatives and other types of Latin American organizations that have experience in the field of legal empowerment and have a small innovative or experimental idea or project that can be implemented within a maximum of 8 months.

The eligible projects can, for example, be focused on the work with community paralegals or advocates, developing community capacity-building materials (texts, videos, audios, etc.), implementing communications actions and advocacy campaigns alongside communities, strategic litigation, social auditing, and the use of new technologies, among many other activities.

COVID-19: Those initiatives aiming to adapt their work to support communities in overcoming the challenges posed by the context generated by the pandemic will also be eligible.

The key is for projects to use legal empowerment to help people, groups and/or communities to overcome injustice in any of its diverse forms.

A panel of judges will determine the 4 selected organizations to be granted with the financial and technical support. Click here for more information about the call.

For more information on what legal empowerment and community lawyering are you can have a look at the publications Legal Empowerment Experiences from Latin America and Empoderamiento Jurídico y Abogacía Comunitaria en Latinoamérica: Experiencias de acceso a la justicia desde la comunidad.

Applications to the Innovation Lab are closed.
How to apply to the Innovation Lab?
  1. If you are not a member of the Legal Empowerment Network, register here.
  2. Log in and fill out the application form.
Which are the selection criteria?
  • The organization has verifiable experience working alongside communities for them to know, use and shape the law.
  • Innovative idea (not being implemented at the moment) with impact potential.
  • Idea with the possibility to generate learnings for other organizations.

If you have any doubts or questions please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].