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Learning to Power our Movement

We believe that we are stronger together than alone.

Across the global movement for grassroots justice, legal empowerment practitioners face common challenges. The Learning Agenda aims to deepen impact and practice by sharing learning about “what works” in different contexts. By learning together, we will generate and test new ideas, address the most burning questions and grow the global movement for justice.



Frontiers of Learning

The Learning Agenda explores the frontiers of the legal empowerment field, where collective inquiry can generate new solutions to our most pressing challenges.
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  • Building power and systems change: at the heart of the learning agenda is an exploration of how legal empowerment strategies can achieve structural change. The core challenge is how to translate grassroots efforts focused on specific rights violations into broader reforms that advance justice for everyone. Combining law and organizing offers incredible potential. 
  • Impact: understanding our impact helps us get better over time. And by generating evidence about the impact of legal empowerment, we can make the case for why legal empowerment should be a public priority around the world.
  • Recognition and Financing: to shift the status quo of injustice we need lasting structures for organizing and movement building over the long term. Public recognition and innovative forms of financing are two issues that are central to the sustainability of grassroots justice movements.
  • Democracy and closing civic space: grassroots justice efforts embody a deeper version of democracy: everyday people using the rules to make public institutions work better. But with authoritarianism on the rise, our work is increasingly difficult and dangerous. There is an urgent need to adapt to shifting political contexts and find effective strategies to keep our people safe. 

Why Network members are excited about the Learning Agenda


How It’s Coming to Life

Regional and Thematic Learning

Across the Grassroots Justice Network, members are coming together to engage in deep reflection and set an agenda for collective action.

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Action Research Projects

Action research projects led by Network members across Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia are taking up key questions of the learning agenda.

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Learning Opportunities

Want to get involved in collective learning? The Grassroots Justice Network offers a number of opportunities for learning and collaboration.

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Resource Library

The world’s largest online library of resources for legal empowerment practitioners.

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