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Asep Komarudin

Legal Aid Center For the Press
Joined October 2015
Interests: Access to Information, Criminal Justice, Governance, Peace-building & Transitional Justice
Im currently the Head of Research and Networking Division of Legal Aid Center for the Press. Prior to this, he was the Generale Officer for Advocacy of Press Freedom and Freedoom of Expression Programme at the Alliance of Independent Journalist from 2008 until 2013, and has experience on Defending freedom of expression in Indonesia and active in various forums both at international and regional level, which relates to freedom of expression, Also Involving in establishment on some regional network of lawyer such as Southeast Asia Lawyers Network (Sea Lawyers) currently is one of working commite members of Sea Lawyers and Advocate for Freedom of Expression Coalition – Southeast Asia (AFEC-SEA), In addition I has been a trial observer team member on a number of trials for blogger cases in Vietnam in 2013.

Legal Aid Center for Press was established on July 11th 2003 in Jakarta. It was triggered by the pressure and control upon media and journalists by so many parties; including government, businessman, and even politician, which were became even worst after the falldown of Soeharto in 1998. The LBH Pers was pioneered by The Alliance of Independent Journalist and a group of young lawyers who shared the same dream about having enforcement of freedom of press and expression.

The mission :
‘give all effort in creating a democratic civil society by providing legal aid actions to guarantee press freedom, freedom of expression and protection for the press workers’

LBH Pers achieve its objectives by doing the following activities:
1. Providing legal Aid assistance.
2. Conduct education and training of legal aid.
3. Do some research, campaigning and networking.
4. Perform related policy advocacy of press freedom and freedom of expression.

Since LBH Pers stand has handled hundreds cases of journalists and media in the court and outside the court and also involved at some coalition with Other CSO in some issue specialy related on press freedom and freedom of expression issue.

LBH Pers Active in various coalitions of civil society with regard to compliance and advocacy of human rights , especially freedom of expression and freedom of the press in Indonesia , is also actively involved in initiating some of the Regional Network for the protection of freedom of expression in Southeast Asia such as Media Defence Southeast Asia ( MD Sea ) , as well as Advocate for Freedom of Expression Coalition - Southeast Asia ( AFEC - SEA ), and also involving on South East Asia Lawyers the networking of probono Lawyers in South East Asia.

Please contact [email protected] to report outdated information or to ask a question about this profile.