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New Era Movement Uganda
Joined March 2021
Interests: Education, Livelihoods, Peace-building & Transitional Justice, Policy Advocacy & Governance
I am a Ugandan adult male 21 years of age. I study Law at Makerere University in Uganda and am in my second year of study. I am practically a humanitarian activist advocating for political and socio-economic based development, with respect to democracy alongside the rule of law and human rights. I have centred myself on advocating for not only civic rights but also education and health rights since they are also essential humanity for peaceful living. I continue to fight for human rights and if recent I have been advocating for the freedoms of Ugandans against state-facilitated abuse in form of police brutality and arbitrary arrests. I am passionate about having a peaceful working and living environment conducive for the development of everyone with ready opportunities, based on merit. I work the NEW ERA MOVEMENT, a non registered student led organization in Uganda as the DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS. I hope to find partners in our activism with the same goals and to see how to incorporate the wellwishers here within the operations of the New Era. I also aim to joining a global network for the betterment of humanity, and obtaining connections with people of greater experience in activism from other countries.

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