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Carter Draper

iLab Liberia
Joined April 2018
Interests: Access to Information, Citizenship, Community / Customary Land Rights, Corruption, Education, Peace-building
I'm a civil technologist. I've worked for the past 8 years supporting legal, security and health sectors with tools that promote citizen engagement and participation, peacebuilding, data management, the rule of law and empowering civil society organizations and governments alike by facilitating open governance, access to information, health and education.

My interest in joining the network span from the fact that I will learn more from the legal perspective which will inform my decision in developing tech tools to improve processes and systems for civic identity, immigration and citizenship in general. In 2014, I supported the Ministry of Health in Liberia by developing a nobile birth registration system to support and enhance near real-time rural and urban birth registration as well as registering youths, teenagers and adults who were otherwise not register due to the civil crisis, born in most rural areas without health facilities etc.

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