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Eduardo Malo

Joined April 2015
Eduardo Malo has over a decade of experience in grassroots advocacy around health and human rights. From 2002 to 2006, he served as Coordinator of Community Programes for Geração BIZ, a national initiative aiming to advance the sexual and reproductive rights of adolescents and youth. From 2007 to 2011 he was employed by the Irish organization TRÔCAIRE, where his work focused on building the institutional capacity of Mozambican commmunity-based organizations working in schools to prevent unwanted pregnancy, gender-based violence, and HIV. Prior to joining Namati in 2014, Malo spent three years in Mozambique’s remote northernmost province, Cabo Delgado, where he served as Program Officer for Pathfinder International. His work in Cabo Delgado focused on promoting and protecting the right to health of vulnerable populations, including sex workers, gay men, intravenous drug users, and those in prison. Malo has earned certificates from both REPROLATINA-Brasil and UNFPA Moçambique and has a degree in Human Resources Management from the Universidade Pedagógica de Moçambique.
Along me to the group for the interest to develop and deepen my knowledge on good practices under the health law.

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