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Emmanuel Bole Risa

Land and Equity Movement in Uganda... (Unverified)
Joined March 2021
Interests: Community / Customary Land Rights, Environmental Justice, Gender-based violence, Traditional / Customary Justice, Women's Rights
I am a Ugandan male in possession of a bachelors degree in social works and social administration, I also have a certificate in administrative law. However, in my current position as a project manager with Land and Equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU), I truly feel joining this network will be of a great advantage because it will strongly expose me to other persons and partners tackling the same issue as we are. I happen to hail from a community that strongly believes in the communal ownership of resources like land hence exposing them to issues like land grabbing, sale of land without the notice or permission from the people believed to be custodians of the rights of such lands (the elders). Such vices have been procured by the rich in society, the elites, the middle men between the investors and the poor locals. As a matter of fact, this will broaden my understanding in regards to how other societies within or out of Africa handle such challenges once the show up. It will also expose me to the different justice systems, constitutions, norms, bylaws and ordinances that are plainly people centered and are pro-poor or defend/protect the owners of land and allows room for negotiations in case investors, governments, and other individuals want to get engaged in the affairs of the land that doesn't belong to them. I am sincerely be grateful to be a part of the network for the benefit of Karamoja which is one of the hot spots investors and government are looking at as being virgin and fertile for investment and owing to that, the grazing lands, the sacred trees, rivers, the hills, the mountains, the resources, among others have become extremely endangered and if intervention is not sought, we shall lose the only resource we have which is land that has for years/generations been used for cultivation/agriculture, grazing animals, trees being used as local herbs, used to building, shrines (nga'kiriketa) among others. Thanks Yours Bole...

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