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Gabriel Dinis

United Nations Development Programme... (Unverified)
Joined August 2019
Interests: Criminal Justice, Generalist Legal Services
My name is Gabriel Dinis. I am a Bachelor of Laws' student at the Federal University of Bahia. I work as a Community UN Volunteer in the State Court of Justice of Bahia, in Brazil (Roster Number: 1523674). My position directly reflects the progressive development and enlargement of the legal empowerment field of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. I assist the State Court with the digital implementation of the new national Unified Execution Electronic System (“SEEU”).

Such technology was created to legally empower prisoners and their attorneys to better understand how criminal penalties previously imposed are being executed. In other words, it facilitates access to sensible information related to their cases, such as the amount of time necessary for regime progression and what penalties are being imposed nationally. It also assists judges and tribunals by providing online tools that easily and automatically identify if a prisoner is spending more time in jail than what he/she is supossed to.

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