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Shakhlo Khasanova

Electronic Government system...
Joined July 2018
Interests: Corruption, Governance, Accountability & Transparency, Right to Information
So far, I took part in implementation of portals like and which enable citizens to take a part in decision making processes. Broadly noting, is a portal enhancing parliament- citizen interactions where citizens can publish their initiatives and petitions for well-being of the country in regional or municipal levels. If the initiative collects appropriate number of voices, it is trasfered to the Parliament for further comtemplation. Second in the list is a portal where the legal acts to be adopted are put in social discussion where citizens can comment and discuss. Inspite of suchlike projects, there is a relatively low participation of citizens because of low trust levels. There are number of issues to be tackled like passive promotion, overall internet infrastructure and poor legal base on projects implementation. The research project I am leading is addressing the problems related to identifying effective tools

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