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Feb 04, 2014

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Feb 17, 2020

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OPINION: Care about the climate crisis? Support legal empowerment

It is essential that during the UN General Assembly, global action plans meant to tackle climate change include funding and protection for grassroots justice and land defenders.  On Monday, world leaders will convene at the UN Climate Action Summit to discuss their plans for preventing 1.5 degrees of global warming by 2030 – the ‘tipping point’ precipitating…

Posted September 23, 2019
Namati’s Accelerated Action for Justice: Building a movement for legal empowerment

When the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted, 193 countries made a commitment: to provide access to justice for all. But for years, progress has been slow, and grassroots justice organizations remain underfunded and under threat. 5.1 billion people –  two thirds of the population – cannot meaningfully access justice. Over the last 10 years,…

Posted September 23, 2019
Land Law Threatens to Displace and Criminalize Millions in Myanmar

Myanmar is being threatened with a land grab on a massive scale. In September 2018, Myanmar’s parliament, led by Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy party, passed an amendment to the Vacant, Fallow and Virgin (VFV) Lands Management Law, requiring anyone occupying land classified as “vacant, fallow, or virgin” to apply for 30-year…

Posted June 21, 2019
Q&A: Putting law in people’s hands to demand environmental justice in the United States

Historically, the U.S. environmental movement has focused on litigation and high-level advocacy. The communities who bear the greatest burden of harm who are mostly poor and of color—have had little opportunity to use the law themselves. In 2018, Namati recruited our first crew of legal empowerment advocates. In 2019, we’re working with this group to…

Posted June 5, 2019
Q&A: Legal empowerment as a beacon for environmental justice in Sierra Leone

To spur economic growth, the government of Sierra Leone has been aggressively courting large-scale agriculture and mining investments. These have often led to the exploitation of communities and environmental devastation. Namati supports communities to protect customary land rights, challenge land grabs, remedy environmental harm, and, if they wish, negotiate fair deals with investors. This Q&A…

Posted June 4, 2019
Q&A: How legal empowerment advances environmental justice in India

In India, mining, industrial development, and other private and public projects damage the environment and endanger the livelihoods of local communities. Despite robust laws on the books, there is a very poor record of compliance. Paralegals on the Centre for Policy Research-Namati environmental justice team support communities to understand and use the law to find…

Posted June 3, 2019
OPINION: Myanmar is confiscating land that people depend on

In Thompson Reuters, Namati’s Vivek Maru and Nwe Ni Soe describe how Myanmar’s Vacant, Fallow, or Virgin land law is leading to a land grab on a massive scale across the country. Millions who depend on the land risk displacement and imprisonment under this new draconian law. Our recent survey of farmers in affected areas…

Posted May 28, 2019
Stopping the Digital ID Register in Kenya – A Stand Against Discrimination

On April 1, the High Court of Kenya heard arguments challenging the legality of the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS), popularly known as Huduma Namba, and demands to delay the rollout of the controversial system. This is after waves of pressure from civil society organizations, including our partners at Nubian Rights Forum and Haki…

Posted April 25, 2019
Namati’s 2018 Annual Report – Now Available

In 2018 we made major strides in our effort to put the power of law in people’s hands. From January to December, 155 community paralegals working with Namati and our partners supported 19,000+ active clients in 5 countries to address injustices involving land, environment, healthcare, and citizenship. Together, we achieved remedies that directly improved the…

Posted April 15, 2019
How not to conduct Large-scale Agricultural Investments

This piece by Namati Sierra Leone Director Sonkita Conteh explores how not to conduct large-scale agricultural investments in Sierra Leone: lessons from the Malen/Socfin land dispute. http://standardtimespress.org/?p=8383

Posted December 12, 2018