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Advocates for Equal Justice Initiative (ADVEJI)

Kampala, Uganda
Joined May 2022

ADVEJI works across Uganda. Currently under the our legal aid program, we are running a Justice for all Project. We also have a women economic empowerment program for victims of sexual VAC and SEA.

Presence in: Uganda
Focus: Children's Rights, Legal Aid & Public Interest Law, LGBTQI+ Rights, Women's Rights

Advocates for Equal Justice Initiative (ADVEJI) is duly incorporated, under the laws of Uganda as a Company Limited by Guarantee  with Certificate No 80020002663543. 

ADVEJI uses the law as a catalyst for social change and for the protection and promotion of the rights of vulnerable groups in Uganda and across the East African region.

ADVEJI also conducts research, advocacy and community outreach engagements to compliment litigation as a holistic approach in advancing the human rights and civil liberties of vulnerable people. The research assists advocates, rights champions and policymakers in the critically important work of defending people’s rights.

Our Vision

A society in which there is equal and unfettered enjoyment of civil liberties and human rights   for all people without any discrimination or prejudice.

Our Mission

ADVEJI seeks to provide reliable, accessible and effective legal support to the victims of human rights and civil liberties in Uganda violation.

Our Core Values

  • Transparency
  • Equality
  • Impartiality
  • Child and Gender-sensitive safeguarding values.
  • Good corporate practices by all our staff
  • Building effective and strategic partnerships with key stakeholders.

Currently, ADVEJI has 3 thematic program areas;

  1. Vulnerable Groups Rights Protection program
  2. Justice for Prisoners.
  3. Strategic and Public Interest Litigation

ADVEJI’s strategic approach to the protection and promotion of human rights is based on its accessible and flexible litigation mechanisms (court-centric advocacy) coupled with action oriented research, evidence-based advocacy, legal education and direct interactions with communities through its outreach programs. ADVEJI serves based on our core principles of equality and impartiality in defending civil liberties and human rights of all people especially vulnerable people.

People Associated With This Organization

Stuart Oramire

Advocates for Equal Justice Initiative...
Joined May 2022
Interests: Children's Rights, Criminal Justice, Legal Aid & Public Interest Law, LGBTQI+ Rights, Women's Rights
I am a human rights lawyer by profession and currently I am the National Coordinator of Advocates for Equal Justice Initiative(ADVEJI). I have unreservedly committed a significant part of my professional work promoting access to justice for vulnerable groups who are intimidated by or frustrated with our legal system and discouraged by poverty. In 2019, I, together with other two human rights founded (ADVEJI) (www.advejiug.org) with an overarching goal to provide free , accessible and flexible legal aid especially to children and women victims of Violence against Children (VAC) Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA), prisoners, members of LGBQT still hunted and hated like criminals in Uganda and other vulnerable groups. In order to achieve our strategic goal and navigate structural challenges, we signed MOUs with 5 Justice centers of Uganda and over 15 established law firms across Uganda. This pool of paralegals and lawyers constantly reinforce our skeleton legal team in our outreach programs . Since 2020, we have reached over 2500 people across 19 districts in Uganda and supported the disposal of over 190 court cases among a myriad of other legal services. Therefore as the organisation we believe that creating a broader legal network like this one helps to ameliorate the challenges of numbers, deepens impact, promotes peer learning and experience sharing and increased protection of human rights defenders especially in places like Uganda where human rights defending is increasingly becoming an endangered vocation.
Stuart Oramire is the network champion (main point of contact) for Advocates for Equal Justice Initiative (ADVEJI).

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