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Elisabeth Baraka

Added on: Mar 05, 2015

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020

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Providing access to the best legal advice for those engaged in the fight against global poverty.

Our mission and the
Sustainable Development Goals

What we do

As a global charity, A4ID delivers an unparalleled opportunity for law firms and companies internationally to make an outstanding contribution in meeting the needs of the world’s poorest citizens. We do this primarily as facilitators, matching international legal expertise with local need in more than 100 jurisdictions. Read more

Our mission

To be a voice of the legal community, to inspire and enable lawyers to join the global fight against poverty and to ensure that legal support is available for those engaged in that fight.

The Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were agreed by 193 countries at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015. They set 169 targets and further indicators that every UN member state will use in framing their agendas and political policies until 2030. Read more


Rahel Kibru

My names Rahel, and I am a Policy Officer at Advocates for International Development, currently working on our Legal Guide to the Sustainable Development Goals which aims to highlight to the legal community, civil society, policy makers as well as businesses, the importance of law in achieving the SDG's. My interests lie in the role law has to play in furthering development and the realisation of rights. By joining the network I hope to gain more knowledge and alternative ideas on the relationship between law and development, as well as how they interact in practice.

United Kingdom

Shreya Bose

As A4ID’s Project Lead – South Asia, I am responsible for coordinating and managing A4ID’s Business and Human Rights and Pro Bono work in South Asia. I bring with me over five years of experience in commercial law, dispute resolution, gender, and refugee law, human rights, international criminal and humanitarian law, and development studies. I have worked as a lawyer, program manager, caseworker and policy advocate with organizations in the US and Switzerland, a law firm in India, UNHCR, UN Women and the Khmer Rouge tribunal. I have also served as a legal counsel and researcher for the Government of Afghanistan and the Government of India. I hold a Master’s degree in Law from the University of Michigan, US and a dual Bachelor’s degree in Law and Social Sciences from NALSAR University of Law, India. I am hoping to build a network of like-minded peers deeply motivated by and interested in legal empowerment, human rights, and sustainable development. I also want to use this platform to share my expertise and skills in projects and research, and exchange information so as to be up to date with current events in different aspects of development work.