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Joseph Ahimbisibwe

Added on: Apr 06, 2018

Last Updated: Jul 04, 2018

We organize advocacy campaigns to expose natural resource abuse cases and sensitize people on the value of good governance of natural resources.

ANARDE is a nonprofit group of researchers activists, organizers, and lawyers with expertise in human rights advocacy, environmental governance, corporate and government accountability.

Natural resources more so, extractive resources must benefit every Ugandan especially the local communities where oil, gas and minerals are located. To this end the environment and land rights of such communities should be protected, in addition the generated revenues should be properly collected and utilized in a transparent and accountable manner for the benefit of the current and future generations. We therefore advocate for systems, practices and laws that mandate the disclosure of extractive revenues.

Civic competences are critical for continued engagement of people in positions of authority and participation in policy formulation. ANARDE therefore understands the critical value of protecting civic space is for improving governance in extractives

To ensure resource benefits accrue to all, Governments and extractives companies must ensure disclosure of resource contracts and provide a transparent trail to track beneficial ownership and disclosure commitments. In Karamoja and the Albertine Region, we train communities to among others, to demand for information such as mining contracts and access information relating to land and environmental compliance. Aware of the knowledge gaps, we are develop training programs for selected agents of change to go well beyond accessibility, to understanding, asking the right questions and taking action in quest for rights, justice and accountability.

In the interest of social justice, we also anchor our work to sustainable development goals with particular emphasis to gender equality. ANARDE centers the voice of the marginalized people especially women to eradicate violence, harassment and abuse in the natural resource sector to have true equality. The world should be a better place for the current and future generations.


Joseph Ahimbisibwe

He is a graduate of Petroleum Geosciences and Production. He also pursuing further studies in Environmental Conservation. He has interested himself in natural resource governance, nature conservation and extracives justice. He is devoted to protecting nature. He believes that saving mother earth and changing the state of the world work hand in hand. He is a focused young man who believes in selflessness and has the desire to learn more.


Michael Omara

I have developed my career in areas of Human Rights and Legal Empowerment. I am qualified in the application of human rights based approaches with skills in planning for, developing and implementing workable strategies to meet the required tasks/objectives. I have educational training, work experience and special interest in managing teams and resources in diverse project environments as well as considerable proficiency in access to justice programmes.


micheal manana

iam from an indigenous community known as the Bennet on the slopes of Mt elgon in Uganda . And iam also a qualified Economist, with BA, and a Masters in Environmental planning and management. Recently I participated in the deliberations on indigenous peoples at the UNPFII in Nairobi. Currently, I have been co-opted as the non -Executive chairperson of MINORITY COMMUNITIES IN AFRICA,working here in Kenya and Somalia. IAM QUITE MOTIVATED TO SPERHEAD THE ISSUES OF INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES WORLD -WIDE, and would willing wish to be part of this network.


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