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Alliance for Developmentand Population Services (ADEPS)

Maragoli, Kenya
Joined June 2019

Provide long term and practical solution to communities development concerns; through capacity building, provision of knowledge and information, skills improvement, change of attitude and development

Presence in: Kenya
Focus: Education, Environmental Justice, Health, Labor & Employment, Livelihoods, Women's Rights

Alliance for Development and Population Services [ADEPS] is a non-profit, non commercial Community Based Organization CBO, subscribing to universal humanitarian values and practices and legally registered in 2002 after establishment in 2001 in response to a myriad of development problems in Vhiga county e.g hard core poverty and the fact that people lack knowledge on how to create wealth, high rate of dependency among  many other problems, making life here more pathetic and miserable.

The Organization operates within a well structured system where it has, democratically adopted constitution; with clear separation of policy makers and the Executive, meaning that there is one group who decides on the policy of the organization and different group of people doing the work [Executive] then finally we have the third group involved which comprises the people who benefits from the organization. The beneficiaries being represented by the policy makers who also have some real control over the way the employees approach their work. But they will not interfere in the decision making about the day-to day work of the employees nor, the employees cannot re-interpret the policies put in place by the board to suit their own interests and visions, but have ways of providing information to the  board e.g through consultative meeting i.e Joint Staff and Board [JBS] so as to have an input into the process of policy development to enable the two teams understand, accept and work within that policy framework.

Since inception to date, a number of achievements have been recorded so far e.g quality of knowledge on healthcare management and control where more than 15,734 members of the community have been empowered to play an active role and 4000 health related products distributed to the community to help in management of health care related issues; Established an orphans and vulnerable children support program where 150 children are covered for education and other line activities.

People Associated With This Organization

Churchill Butalia

Alliance for Developmentand Population...
Joined June 2019
Interests: Education, Environmental Justice, Health, Labor & Employment, Livelihoods, Women's Rights
I am an ambitious individual with strong aptitude in community development with an excellent grip over projects development, planning and implementation; Community mobilization; Office management and general administration; Research activities; Financial control and management; Budgeting and budgetary control.
.Community mobilization and survey
.Detail oriented
.Good communicator
.Implementing, designing and producing questionnaires for studies on al areas of interests
.Carrying out research on key areas of need, analyzing and communicating research findings

-Programs/Projects planning and implementation
-Studying relevant articles and literatures pertaining to development in genera
Attending seminars
-Organizing events
-Always investigating the surrounding to discover and learn
-Analyzing and searching for ways on how to improve the poor peoples living standards

-Execute and implement the corporate strategy of the organization
-Provide transformative leadership, Development and implementation of appropriate strategies of the organization
-Drive the growth of the organization and identification of opportunities for development expansion.
-Reviewing, directing and managing the organizations financial and operational systems procedures and controls to ensure that they arte professional, workable and sustainable.
-Coordinating programs, projects formulations, appraisals, funding implementation
-Leading the institutional and policy reforms aimed at transforming the organization into self sustenance.
-Monitoring and Evaluation
-Coordination of resources analysis and Environmental impact assessment and Data Bank management.
-Overseeing the organizations human resource and ensuring that appropriate management structures and policies are developed and implemented.

-Access resources for programs/projects implementation
-Network and collaborate with like minded parties.
-Find new partners/resource providers for programs/ projects implantation
-Share ideas/knowledge and expertise for programs and projects formulation and implementation
Churchill Butalia is the network champion (main point of contact) for Alliance for Developmentand Population Services (ADEPS).

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