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Associacao Mocambicana de Usuarios de Saude Mental – AMUSAM

Maputo, Mozambique
Joined August 2017

We are working in Mozambique. We mobilize persons with psycho-social disabilities to be activists for their human rights, we advocate for better laws and policies and change of negative attitudes.

Presence in: Mozambique
Focus: Citizenship & Identification, Health, Livelihoods, Other

Mental Health User’s Association of Mozambique-AMUSAM is a non-governmental and not for profit organization founded in 2013 and based in Mozambique. Members of AMUSAM are mental health users and other persons with psycho-social disabilities. AMUSAM’s vision is “an inclusive society, where mental health users have Access to the same opportunities under equal conditions with others, so as to have an independent life and respect for their inherent dignity” and the mission is to “promote strengthening of associative movement and the defense of a stigma and social exclusion free society.  It’s objectives comprise: realizing researches and generating knowledge on the situation of mental health users in Mozambique; realizing advocacy actions for better access to rehabilitation and other support services, as well as Access to education and employment; mobilizing mental health users to join AMUSAM; Capacity building of mental health users in specific issues such as HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, among others.

People Associated With This Organization

Clodoaldo Castiano

Associacao Mocambicana de Usuarios de...
Joined August 2017
Interests: Citizenship & Identification, Health, Livelihoods
I am a lawyer and a human rights activist. I have interest for research in human rights, mental health and rehabilitation. At this moment I am working as a project coordinator at the Association of Mental Health Users of Mozambique (AMUSAM). AMUSAM endeavor is to build a strong mental health users network which will be able to influence change towards social, economic and legal inclusion of persons with psycho-social disabilities in Mozambique. I joining this network to learn more about the legal empowerment and to contribute with my experience to make law available for ordinary citizens.
Clodoaldo Castiano is the network champion (main point of contact) for Associacao Mocambicana de Usuarios de Saude Mental – AMUSAM.

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