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Basic Rights Watch

Abuja, Nigeria
Joined August 2017

I work with Basic Rights Watch, where I am the Chief Executive. I am responsible for Creating, leading, communicating and implementing the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction.

Presence in: Nigeria
Focus: Access to Information, Citizenship, Corruption, Education, Governance, Health

Basic Rights Watch is a Nigeria based non-profit that seeks to promote and ensure transparency, accountability and civic engagement in federal universities capital spending, as well as advocate for governmental intervention in local communities to address their core urgent capital needs. It focuses on promoting open financial government, eradicating extreme poverty, improving participatory budgetary processes and promoting human rights.

Transparency Alert: Over US$400 billion has been siphoned by corrupt Nigerian politicians. Citizen participation in governance has been so impecunious. One of the sectors that have a great share in this open government deficit is the tertiary education sector. To counter this trend, Basic Rights Watch uses Transparency Alert, to ensure citizen participation and discourage corruption in the management of public finance in federal universities. Our ultimate goal is to amplify citizen participation.Find Link:https://basicrightswatch.org/transparency-alert/

Tracking Needs: Tracking Needs, a program of Basic Rights Watch, advocates for governmental/non-governmental intervention in local communities to address their core urgent capital needs. This is to eradicate extreme poverty and promote participatory budgetary processes. Our primacy encompasses thematic areas of health, education and clean water provision. Find Link: https://basicrightswatch.org/tracking-needs/

Jungle Justice:  The failures of criminal justice institutions and agencies to prevent Mob Justice occurrence or punish those who engage in it have projected the anomaly as acceptable in the public space. Basic Rights Watch uses this initiative to commission report releases so as to highlight the ills and dehumanization-characterization of Jungle Justice act. The initiative also seeks to lobby Nigerian lawmakers to enact a law that prohibits and criminalizes Jungle justice act. Find Link: https://basicrightswatch.org/combating-jungle-justice/

People Associated With This Organization

Austin Ekwujuru

Basic Rights Watch
Joined August 2017
Interests: Access to Information, Citizenship, Corruption, Education, Governance, Health
Austin Ekwujuru is a Human Rights Activist and public speaker bringing in years of experience in the non-profit sector. He is passionate about a free, fair and transparent society that will bring about accountability, sustainable peace, justice, development, and respect for Human Rights. He is also currently the Chief Executive Officer of Basic Rights Watch. He previously worked as an Intern with Amnesty International Nigeria and recently ONE Champion for the ONE Campaign. He has certificates in International Human Rights, Humanitarian Response to Conflicts and Disaster and Freedom of Expression. He has recorded lots of achievements in the NGO sector, and he is committed to doing more.

Kennedy Maina

Basic Rights Watch (Unverified)
Joined June 2018
Interests: Gender-based violence, Health, Women's Rights
I'm a trained paralegal and also hold a diploma in community development. Very personate about community work.
Austin Ekwujuru is the network champion (main point of contact) for Basic Rights Watch.

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