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Dzmitry Mitskevich

Added on: Sep 02, 2018

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Belarus Security Blog is a think tank, dealing with the issues of national security and defence.

Belarus Security Blog was created in January 2011 in response to the lack of objective information about the events of December 19, 2010 and their history as well as the role and responsibility of each of the participants.

The original mission of the project is an objective analysis of the current situation in the field of national security of Belarus and giving possible forecast of its development.

At the moment the national security is a complex phenomenon that abroad is determined as total or complex security. According to the national security doctrine of Singapore total/complex security covers five areas:
— military defense, including the development of military-industrial complex;
— public security and civil defense;
— humanitarian (or psychological) security;
— macroeconomics;
— socio-political stability of society.

This list is not definitive: the topic of cybersecurity as well as the availability of energy resources, water and food is becoming urgent recently.

Of course, in modern conditions, it is impossible for one project to cover all security problems. Assessing the existing capacity realistically, the project Belarus Security Blog preferentially focuses on the study of only three elements of total/complex security of Belarus: military security; public security and civil defense; humanitarian security. In practice this is carried out through making the periodic and non-periodic analyzes and research as well as organizing events.
Analysis and description of Belarusian and international events that affect or may affect national security issues is made in the form of “hot comment”.

The structure of the project. The project includes a group of permanent and associated analysts, project volunteers as well as representative (lobbyist) of Belarus Security Blog in the bodies of the European Union. Overall management of their activities is carried out by the leader.


Dzmitry Mitskevich

Journalist of Belsat TV, analyst of Belarus Security Blog. In 2012 graduated from the Faculty of Intercultural Communication of Minsk State Linguistic University. Fields of interest: information warfare and propaganda, international relations, international terrorism.


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