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Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development

Minya, Egypt
Joined December 2016
Presence in: Egypt

We are a civic human not for profit organization that is established on 1995 in Mina Governorate. Its geographic scope is Egypt. BLACD has a board of governance formed of five members from both men and women. It has 50 full time staff and 150 volunteers; BLACD is unique in targeting marginalized people such as quarries labors, fishermen, small farmers, and women,

Since the year 2000 BLACD is adopting human rights developments based approach and integrates this approach into its policies and strategies instead of filling the needs and gaps and provide services. BLACD works to raise the awareness toward giving the rights to marginalized and deprived people. BLACD also focuses on poor people organization in informal and formal institutions and movements as well as build their capacity to get their rights and to lead and implement their own advocacy campaigns.

People Associated With This Organization

Maher Bushra is the network champion (main point of contact) for Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development.

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